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The final countdown

It’s Thursday night.  Not just any Thursday night, it’s the last Thursday night of living in Florida. The state, heck the county where we were born and lived most of our lives, the place where all our firsts happened and now we are experiencing our last…

Thirteen years ago when we bought our small, run down place in West Virginia we were simply looking for a place to get away from it all.  A place to relax and unwind from the stresses of owning a business. 
It wouldn’t be long before we knew, this place nestled in the mountains was the place we wanted to retire to.The place we wanted to explore, grow and watch the amazing sunrises and the even more amazing sunsets as we settle into retirement. 
We spent years remodeling, building and preparing for this exact moment and it’s hard to believe it’s finally here  

Had we known at the beginning of 2022, we would be starting a new chapter in life with the coming of spring, we would have done a few things differently.  I would have waited to start my own boutique until after the move, we would have purged all the things we don’t need instead of packing them and moving them a thousand miles….. only to decide we don’t need them. 🥴  
Like everyone else in this world, if we could see into the future we would have been better prepared for the biggest move of our lives, but we didn’t know and we were not prepared.
Fortunately we do know, God is in control and He chose for it to happen all at once for a reason and it will all work out  

Thanks for hanging in there with me through it all and for those of you that are new, I wanted to make my first blog post about our upcoming move, so years from now when I look back, I can remember all the feelings. The excitement, the fear, the anxiety and the oh so ready to go emotions. 

I will take the time to introduce myself, the family and give the story of us in my next blog post…… I promise.