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Life on the mountain, the beginning

While I expected it would be a hot minute before I wrote again as we would need to get settled and start moving in the right direction of our new life, I never dreamed it would be nearly 4 months. 😳

We have worked on our home, connecting the addition to the original house, put down flooring on the addition, stain and paint walls and so much more to make it all useable space. Frank has worked tirelessly on the property cleaning up, clearing out land and building garden space….yes, I helped some. We planted the first and second weeks of June (that seems so late to us) and now are starting to harvest 

I have also begun doing events again, something I haven’t done in a long time and I forgot how much I missed it. In doing the events I learned something, I need a storefront, the people around here needs a storefront and our bedroom needs a storefront because right now, you can only get to the bed and the closets via pathways, there are soooo many boxes and such in the room all making the room unusable and a nightmare. 

You guessed it, I found a storefront.  We will be opening soon, but that is for another blog post. 

While we are working hard, we find plenty of times for drives, hikes and swims, remembering why we wanted to move here so badly. 
Our dogs love the place as much or maybe even more than we do. Everyday is an adventure here and we try to find time to enjoy the beauty.

The gorgeousness of this place is never ending, whether your sitting on your porch, hiking in the woods, driving to the store or enjoying one of the many creeks and rivers, the amazing scenery is always awesome. 

I will leave you with one last photo taken from our back porch; stay tuned for updates on the storefront as we begin to prepare it.